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Electra Eightball Bikes

Eightball bike

The look of Scandinavian Eightball Bikes was inspired by US planes of the 1940s. STW2D tells us that they have a hi-ten frame in a felt tank design, fender eyelets, a rollerbrake in the front and a back pedal brake and a black coated aluminium Alexrims.

Available here (UK)

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Stussy Low Rider

26042027_b5a2241359_m1 Of course, I'm not recommending exercise here - but if you were impartial to a little dashing about, you could try riding one of these Stussy bikes by Nirve.

Yeah. I know.


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IKOO Scooter

Ikoo1The Ikoo Contemporary Scooter made from an ultra rigid frame made of T304 surgical stainless steel alloy travels at 18mph or 25kph.

Can travel 18 miles before you have to plug it back in.

Super cool at $995.


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