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Levis iPod Jeans - Photos

levis ipod jeansFirst photos we've seen of the denim-tech intergrated jeans from Levis over on fashion.psfk.

fashion.psfk : Levis iPod Jeans - Photos

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Disappearing London

terence nunnTerence Nunn has been taking photographs of London and around the world for over 60 years. Many of his pictures are now in the collection of the Museum of London.

Terence Nunn Photography:

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Canon's 1080 HDV Camcorder

canon hard drive camcorderLoving these hard drive camcorders. This one's from Canon. Gizmag says:

Canon’s HV10 HD Camcorder – that’s what! It’s a 500g camcorder capable of 1080 HD (high definition) video and it’s roughly the size of a cigarette packet at 56x104x106mm. The HV10 HDV includes 10x optical zoom, Super Range Optical Image Stabilization, the DIGIC DV II image processor, and a Full HD resolution (1920x1080 video) CMOS sensor, similar to those found in Canon's Digital SLR cameras. Additionally, new "Instant AF" auto-focus technology, and the ability to take 3.1 megapixel photos, makes this one powerful device that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. Scheduled to land in stores in September, the Canon HV10 HDV camcorder is a veritable "Best of" compilation of Canon technologies, and will sell for an estimated US$1299

gizmag Article: The world's smallest and lightest 1080 HDV Camcorder:

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mTune Nano 'Phones

 Gif Products Ipod Mtunen Mtunen 000Macally mTUNE-N cordless stereo headset is specially designed for the iPod nano. Simply plug your Nano into the slot and you can enjoy the music anywhere, anytime. No battery required.

Products- mTUNE-N - Cordless Stereo Headset for iPod® nano

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Electra Eightball Bikes

Eightball bike

The look of Scandinavian Eightball Bikes was inspired by US planes of the 1940s. STW2D tells us that they have a hi-ten frame in a felt tank design, fender eyelets, a rollerbrake in the front and a back pedal brake and a black coated aluminium Alexrims.

Available here (UK)

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Sumo Tube

Sumoact1_1Tonight I am going to Europe on holiday and I will have to bring an extra suitcase. The reason being is that I have to pack my Sumo Tube(!!!) - a crazy inflatable coat that will let me splash around the Med behind any powered water craft or in the froth of any wave. Watch the video.

Summer holiday - here we come!!


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Mini Portable Classy BBQ

53068_s4001Good spot by the Cool Hunter on this one: "The Gourmet Traveler is a briefcase that turns into a portable, rotating grill that uses charcoal. Designed for those who cannot go without their weekend barbecue or grilling session, whether at the beach, farm, countryside or alongside the pool or apartment veranda, the grill possesses a battery that runs for eight hours and can be hooked up to a vehicle's cigarette lighter or any power outlet."

At the beach?? Just outside my window on the fire escape, more like.


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StreetWall Wallpaper

Novomundo2031The designers at StreetWall have developed some very modern wallpaper to plaster up - including city scapes, graffiti and digital art.

Delivery is within 8 days, the site says.


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Stussy Low Rider

26042027_b5a2241359_m1 Of course, I'm not recommending exercise here - but if you were impartial to a little dashing about, you could try riding one of these Stussy bikes by Nirve.

Yeah. I know.


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Kozyndan Uprisings Print

Gr_28_cover1_1I saw this print in a sushi bar in Fremont in Seattle the other day and I loved the ironic adaptation of Japanese art.

Then I read who had produced it. Kozyndan are a couple of illutsrators, based in Los Angeles, who have taken the classic Hokusai print, The Great Wave, and changed the surf into bunnies.

The Print Is Available At Their Online Store Here

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