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Why Do I Hang Up The Phone On You?

... but I love you...

I just don't like hearing that you don't love me.

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Doherty Cocktail

You've got to hand it to the lad, he's trying rather hard to end it all in tears. The BBC reports:

Singer Pete Doherty has been fined for five counts of possessing drugs, including crack cocaine and heroin.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Doherty fined for drug possession:

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Liam Thinks Pete Is A Poof

 Picture 0,,2006491430,00From The Sun:

"LIAM GALLAGHER has taken a pop at recent rehab residents TOM CHAPLIN and PETE DOHERTY – branding them posh lightweights."

The Sun Online - Bizarre: Liam blasts 'lightweights'

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The Difference

Somehow reminded me of the relationship between me and the Lady

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Why Boing Boing Is Crap

 Images AtuincakeAny blog that celebrates a cake built like the SciFi planet Discword needs putting out of their misery. Need I say more.

Boing Boing: Wedding cake inspired by Discworld's Great A'Tuin

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Gothamist On The MeatPacking District

"Putting a comedy club in the Meatpacking District is like opening a coffee shop in a Starbucks. Can this neighborhood get any worse?"

Being a History of the Meatpacking District - Gawker

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Disappearing London

terence nunnTerence Nunn has been taking photographs of London and around the world for over 60 years. Many of his pictures are now in the collection of the Museum of London.

Terence Nunn Photography:

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Firestarter Frosties Mash Up

Link via HL

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Fri 30th Sept : No P On Christie Park

kw: i spoke with [cednsored name of English chap] today
lady: was it good?
kw: he had a really rough last few days
kw: feel so bad..
lady: working hard?
kw: he got beaten up by the cops and locked in jail for 40 hours
lady: WHAT!@#?
kw: yeah..
lady: why?
kw: for peeing in the chrystie park.
kw: on tuesday. night.
lady: gulp
kw: uhh. so  traumatizing..
lady: they beat you up and put you in jail for that?
kw: poor guy.. tell Guy no peeing
kw: 3 plain clothes cops jumped him.. beat him up.. then revealed their identities.. then took him to central booking
kw: fucked up.. soooo fucked up.

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Sun 11th Sept : 9/11 Skies

Originally uploaded by GuyBrighton.

I am the only bugger who finds it a bit odd that on this day, six planes fly around and around in the sky over Manhattan spraying the name of an insurance company out if their arses?

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