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StreetWall Wallpaper

Novomundo2031The designers at StreetWall have developed some very modern wallpaper to plaster up - including city scapes, graffiti and digital art.

Delivery is within 8 days, the site says.


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Kozyndan Uprisings Print

Gr_28_cover1_1I saw this print in a sushi bar in Fremont in Seattle the other day and I loved the ironic adaptation of Japanese art.

Then I read who had produced it. Kozyndan are a couple of illutsrators, based in Los Angeles, who have taken the classic Hokusai print, The Great Wave, and changed the surf into bunnies.

The Print Is Available At Their Online Store Here

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21652809_1e41320f79_m1_1 PerfectDraft is a beer tap for home use, so that folk can experience the perfect draft beer of their favorite brand in their own homes. Designed by VanBerloStudio in the Netherlands, PerfectDraft keeps your beer at a nice 3 degrees C.

Available in Germany, Belgium & Luxemburg


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