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Pizza Wine

Pizza vinoWe see a lot of efforts to "make wine easy" - now we see wine 'made' for a certain food. Frank 151 have a review of a wine called Pizza Vino that's been selected and marketed to be that perfect accompaniment to a slice of Meat Feast.

Pizza Vino is now available in a Cabernet Savignon and a Pinot, two reds that are known for their ability to pair with food... Pizza Vino was a hit. Frank and friends alike found it smooth and fruity, a good compliment to any barbeque. Needless to say, we finished a couple of bottles before the grill cooled off.

Pizza Vino
Frank151 Reviews "Pizza Vino"

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Mini Portable Classy BBQ

53068_s4001Good spot by the Cool Hunter on this one: "The Gourmet Traveler is a briefcase that turns into a portable, rotating grill that uses charcoal. Designed for those who cannot go without their weekend barbecue or grilling session, whether at the beach, farm, countryside or alongside the pool or apartment veranda, the grill possesses a battery that runs for eight hours and can be hooked up to a vehicle's cigarette lighter or any power outlet."

At the beach?? Just outside my window on the fire escape, more like.


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