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Guy At Wooster On Spring

Guy At Wooster On Spring
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Spot the difference!

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The Mc On Wooster On Spring

Does This Mean He Likes It?
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I think this means that he's looking forward to the opening of Wooster On Spring art expo. Although with the Mc, you can never be too sure.

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Checked PSFK Recently?

D9 PsfkWhere I also write. A little more often.


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Advertising Is Crap-per

Advertising Is Crap-per
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And you think your life sucks... imagine having to dress like a toilet and walk the streets of Times Square with an overlord behind you on a trolley. The guy at the back even looks fairly positive about the experience while his friend hunts for cross-legged shoppers.

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Recommended gift for the ladies

Recommended gift for the ladies
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the dog, not the wooden suburbia. from Muji - non US

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Why Do I Hang Up The Phone On You?

... but I love you...

I just don't like hearing that you don't love me.

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Doherty Cocktail

You've got to hand it to the lad, he's trying rather hard to end it all in tears. The BBC reports:

Singer Pete Doherty has been fined for five counts of possessing drugs, including crack cocaine and heroin.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Doherty fined for drug possession:

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