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Hulger Bluetooth Phone

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Mocoloco has a great interview with Hulger/Poke founder Nicolas Roope. When he's not making smart digital content for clients through his agency Poke with Iain Tait and pals, Nicolas is busy crafting old school phones for our modern age.

Remember our article in August 04 about the Pokia? Well, after a gentle word from a certain telephone manufacturing giant, Pokia changed their name to Hulger. In the interview, Nicolas explains his motivations for Hulger.

"It started out as a critique, but when I had the first prototype in my hand it became clear that there was a lot more to it. It was like realizing through this how much meaning is bound up in objects and how with a very simple subversion you create something very strong. The first reaction people give is always strong whether they find it funny or interesting."

One of their most interesting creations is the PIP PHONE that combines retro design with bluetooth technology that works with your mobile phone to give you a rather more satisfying alternative to that silver clip folk are sticking on their ears. In fact, the phone has proved so popular, it has sold out on Hulger's site!

MoCo Loco: Interview: Nicolas Roope

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