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Friday 16th December : Teenagers

crazy dave and teenagers
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So you're ha ving a couple of festive drinks out in the back room of big bar Pioneer on Bowery. The Lady is coming down soon, so I'm preparing myself for being on best behaviour - getting them in quickly. There are a few of us - Junior, Crazy Dave, Phil Bones. The Lady turns up with a suspicious eye. I smile. She seems convinced that I have been on my best behaviour. What can go wrong now?

5 teenage girls enter left. Jump on the table and start writhing around, cuddling each other and the odd snog. Pictured in the background is Crazy Dave celebrating. The Lady has left at this point.

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LA Scape

LA Scape
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Fri 2nd Dec : Sober

I feel like I did a Davo last night. Went out and didn't eat. 10 pints later I stumble home and try to convince the Lady that I'm sober.

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Thur 1st Dec : Sunshine

After a couple of warmer days (folk walking around in T Shirts), autumn has returned. NY is beautiful with its blue skies and yellow-sun licked buildings.

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