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Fri 30th Sept : No P On Christie Park

kw: i spoke with [cednsored name of English chap] today
lady: was it good?
kw: he had a really rough last few days
kw: feel so bad..
lady: working hard?
kw: he got beaten up by the cops and locked in jail for 40 hours
lady: WHAT!@#?
kw: yeah..
lady: why?
kw: for peeing in the chrystie park.
kw: on tuesday. night.
lady: gulp
kw: uhh. so  traumatizing..
lady: they beat you up and put you in jail for that?
kw: poor guy.. tell Guy no peeing
kw: 3 plain clothes cops jumped him.. beat him up.. then revealed their identities.. then took him to central booking
kw: fucked up.. soooo fucked up.

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