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Tea Timer

Tea Timer
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The guy lied to me at Teahouse on Prince. He said I just needed the green one to finish and my English Breakfast was strong enough. Plurrr.... had stronger teas in a greasy spoon on the back streets if Kings Cross at 4am at night.

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Thur 25th Aug: Rob Dickinson Sings

G92083eydv11Saw a cheeky show down at Joe's Pub: Catherine Wheel frontman is about to release a new album and I have to admit, he's got some corker songs.

Joe's was a superb venue for the accoustic set - watch out for the record released in September. The only song I think is a little twee is one where he talks to someone called 'Love'. No matter - Oceans is a stormer. 

Rob Dickinson On Amazon

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Fujitsi Lifebook P1500

25tablet6501The new notebook from Fujitsi has a display of just 8.9 inches a keyboard to suit and weighs just 2.2 pounds. The P1500 comes with a 60-gigabyte hard drive and either a three-cell battery, for up to 3.5 hours of battery life, or a six-cell battery for up to 7 hours. A fingerprint sensor lets you log in without typing.

The computer starts at $1,449 and is being marketed to people on the move, like photographers and health care workers.

NY Times Review

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Sumo Tube

Sumoact1_1Tonight I am going to Europe on holiday and I will have to bring an extra suitcase. The reason being is that I have to pack my Sumo Tube(!!!) - a crazy inflatable coat that will let me splash around the Med behind any powered water craft or in the froth of any wave. Watch the video.

Summer holiday - here we come!!


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Playing House, Being Grown Up

006074163501a2r2ritdjnw1q6_sclzzzzzzz_11Something for the ladies: Part time PSFK contributor and full time journo Celeste Perron has just released her first book, "Playing House: A Starter Guide To Being A Grown Up". It's a self help book with a cool difference for young women in their twenties.

Advice includes 'how to pick wine with confidence and mix cocktails that hit the spot' and 'making food that tastes delicious'. My suggestion is that if you're a chap and you see a young lady reading this book: marry her!!

Playing House On Amazon

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10 Blogs - Personal Blogs

* GapingVoid
* Doug Jaeger
* Nichelle Stevens
* Rick Segal
* Room116
* Russell Davis (sp!)
* The Godin
* BL Ochman
* Youth Curry

Written in order of my RSS feed.

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10 Blogs - Product Review Blogs

* Engadget
* Gizmodo
* I4U
* Josh Spear
* Cool Hunting
* Luxist
* MocoLoco 
* The Manolo
* Treehugger

The above is in no particular order.

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10 Blogs - Ad Agency Blogs

* Industrial Brand
* Collaborate Marketing
* Influx
* Phatgnat
* MC Planner
* WKLondon

Ten blogs in order of my RSS management list.... erm... that's it. I can't think of any others worth reading.

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10 Blogs - Business / Marketing

* BrandNoise
* Core77
* AdRants
* Ypulse
* HotelChatter (I don't even need to read this blog but I do)
* Marketing Vox
* Agenda-Inc
* PaidContent
* Adland
* Textually
* TP Newswire

These are ten blogs in order of my RSS management list.

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Too Many Ads?

Too many ads?
Originally uploaded by GuyBrighton.

Someone's trying to pay for their rent by plastering the side of their Williamsburg building with billboards. Does anyone notice?

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