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Thur 14th July : Must Have Been To London

So my throat hurts. Actually it feels like someones scratched it. I feel tired. How long does it take to recover from a trip to London?? And this one was a quiet one.

Left NYC about a week ago - it's amazing how you forget how long you've been here. The Continental gate at EWR soon brings you back with a bump. Lots of lazy English accents and mums that can;t wait to get back for a decent cup of tea.

I red-eyed and got in to London from Gatwick. For a moment, I got nostalgic memories of commuting - as my face stuck against the glass divider, crushed by the morning commuter crowd.

My latest visa - yeah. long story - got processed far too quickly for my liking: I didn't even have time to get all stirred up and nervous. I just got called in and stamped.

London is a bustle of joy. I sat with a friend off Carnaby Street and watches fellas with their girlfriends go from store to store. In NYC you think metrosexuality is dead - in London, it's alive and well with added spikey and mud flap hair.

Thursday was of course sad. Horrific. We've all been on those trains, through those tunnels at that time of the day before. It's important that we carry on - which is what we all did the next few days. I undrstand all the NYCers didn't take the subway that day - what a bunch of sissies.

I saw a few friends still but less beer because of what happened. People still seem to be spending their Saturdays doing the same mix of alcohol, food and recreationals. I missed the Lady whilst I was there. I particulary missed her cooking. BBQs aren't really BBQs when you just turn up and throw on the stiff you just bought at the shops. Where's the preperation, the theatre?

The Lady would have done it different. That's why I'm glad I'm home. Yum. Always goes down my throat to my tummy nicely.

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