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Tues 24th May : Tiger Balmy

Up early as I've come down with something. I'm all swollen and bloody itchy (not a nice thing to read ). I'd pop along to a doctor if I could afford it, but the Lady suggests that it's an allergy to something I've eaten. I suggested that broccoli and flack seed thing she tried to feed me to improve out diets on Sunday night but she reckons it might be the lobsters I cooked her Friday night. Poor buggers. I still remember them looking up at me: "please mister, please." Poor buggers. Splosh.

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sounds like something fishy though he he - usually with shell fish it will hit you within minutes

where are you itching....there's a crabs joke here somewhere....

Posted by: Davo | May 24, 2005 8:43:11 AM

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