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Lifecaching Blogger Fails To MobBlog Final Moment

5644767_8ef147727c_m1_1Bloggers all over the world this morning were disappointed to hear that Jake Williams, known as SuperCuleDood to his online friends, had failed to live up to his promise that he'll blog a photo of the last moment before his demise.

Jumping from the 1st National Bank Tower in Herriman, Utah, Williams planned to use his cameraphone to send his "view of the world" moments before his impact onto the Main Street sidewalk. Williams had been blogging for 18 months until this morning and had only recently been using the Flickr service to add images to his blog.

Matt, a passer by who would only reveal his first name, mentioned to a PSFK reporter that Williams was known to his offline - or real - friends as Luzer. Or he would if he had any. Or a girlfriend.

Perry Gordon, 32 who runs his blog in Germany, told PSFK, "Because of the time difference I was first to blog the story." Asked how he felt about the event he said, "The trackback pings have been coming in all morning - the traffic spiked about 8am US Eastern time and then dropped off quickly."

Police believe that the cause of the problem was the fact that Williams failed to click 'send' after taking the photo of his plunge. Officer Kieran McDunphy suggested, "The phone's smashed all over the place but I reckon it's one of those T610s and they're so fiddly they're no use for mob-blogging."

Although he had posted about the final lifecaching moment before, Williams had failed to deliver this blogging stunt on several occasions, read an email sent to us from [email protected]

SuperCuleDood's final post appeared late last night after he had been out drinking alone at the local bar, "April Falls". All that was written was an illiterate type: 'c ya l8r wrld!' Experts are unable to fathom an explanation.

This morning the blogosphere have been flooding to the site to offer their final remarks including 'lol', 'this site sucks', 'Need Via?ra Gt It Here ' and 'Meet the girl of your dreams at MatchLove.com'.

Susan Moore, known as Lady HowISeeItY'All, told PSFK, "It's a great pity. The stories on his blog have been very interesting lately. I couldn't help coming back to see what was happening with his loser father who believed SuperCuleDood would never be a famous blogger and should be concentrating on his school work instead ... and now I wonder if we'll ever find out what he truly felt about his fiancee sleeping with his bff Matt."

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