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Sat / Sun 5th / 6th Mar : Wedding In Florida

So have had a hectic time. Went to Florida at the weekend to the Lady's cousin's wedding. Even though it was 72 hour family time it worked out well. A Persian - Columbian wedding. As the the couple were pretty young everybody helped out. The rehearsal dinner took place at the family house where we all had a drink up and danced to a mix of Perisan and Latin music. Met the grooms brother who was a little crazy and kept asking me to keep away from his wife - but other than than he as a great guy. I dragged them all down to Lousy Blues bar near the hotel. We had a German with us: Jeigermeister shots. A lot of them. And they're big over here.

The next morning we helped set up the wedding receprion with chairs and tables. I wasn;t very productive and this was notices. The room was by the river and I kept sloping off trying to watch these storks pounce into the river for fish. I watched for hours then everytime I turned to see if I was needed I heard this splash behind me. Biggers must have been shy. Or thought I was going to jump in for a crack at the fish too.

Wedding was a blast. A pretty informal affair held in English, Spanish and Farsi. The Lady told a speech that made everyone laugh then cry (no, she didn't mention my name). Luckily she made them laugh again. Everyone had a good time. It was amazing to see the Persian women dance to the Iranian music. They seem to get possessed and get led by an invisible pied piper to the dance floor by this ancient music to dances that must be held in their blood. The brother led the Tequila shots this night. He got so carried away the bride's father closed the bar... what is this England??

I took them all town Lousy Blues afterwards - including the bride and groom. Not so many Jeigermeisters there - but we all had a good knees up.

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