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Mon 21st March : Strippers

Was good to see an old Irish friend Justin in town - had a decent beer with him Monday night with a couple of other Irish - one I know pretty well Ade - nice softly spoken lad - the other guy is new to town. After steak and a beer in Old Town, new guy decides he wants to see some tits.

So we trundle off to a titty joint and I pay 40 bucks for 4 bottles of beer. Ladies come and join us and a dance is just 20 bucks, and everyone else is having one - of course, I think of the lady at home and I decline. I have to decline three times and with Easter almost upon us I feel a pang of guilt.

As Justin and I get to leave a blonge with well built knockers stops me and says that Ade hasn't paid for his 2 dances - he's gone off to the cash machine. Justin's yelling at her that it's not his problem - but I see the bouncer not looking too happy. I follow Justin to get my coat but luckily Ade comes back as the gorilla goes to seal the door. We can't find new guy anywhere. It's late we have to go.

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