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Wed 2nd Feb : Storm

Was just going to be a couple of beers at 6. Lady was out with friends. She’s still a little fed up but it was good to get some space. Saw Bill Bones USA for a couple at Old Town and I invited this times – English animator chap called Macca. Problem is that the smaller pint sizes makes you drink quicker – my theory. Macca comes down and does tag with Bill who has to see his bird (can’t do tomorrow night because I’m off to Miami, sorry). Pint 4, it’s about 630 now. Then as Macca and I are finishing off the last pint, Andrew turns up with a guy in his office who looks like him, dresses like him but is 8 years younger and 4 stone lighter. So with Andrew and Junior, we have a couple more and we feel a bit hungry. Off to some Mexican basement place in Nolita. This was the place I meant but Macca doesn't believe me. We’re rowdy now. And all the staff are Latina girls which encourages us – except the one behind the bar who’s making the Mojitos and the margaritas. We order the special – from my basic Spanish it looks like chile steak: that will soak up the beer. We laugh at junior for getting a burrito whilst we’re all having the steak. I get another round in whilst the others haven’t even started their drinks. The special turns out to be some pepper in sauce not even stuffed with beef. Some delicacy I am sure in some part of Mexico City but tonight in New York City it looks a bit more than feeble. I get another round in. Junior is laughing at us now. Macca is starting to wibble. Somehow we decide that the rum drinks aren’t enough and anyway, Andrew’s bird is out still with her friends and I haven’t heard from mine – so we go to this bar that I’ve been to before – basement somewhere off Grand – and it’s always been empty even though it looks like a nice bar, even though it’s got so much tiling it looks like a Victorian gents too. People mumble when I announce loudly this to Andrew standing beside me saying something loudly to me. We sit at a table and this guy and a girl are there, playing tag team to the toilets. She’s a strong girl with red red hair that takes offence when I question she was really given the name Storm by her parents. The guy with her must be a ‘delicate type’ as he doesn’t seem as interested in our rowdiness as Storm. She just wants to cuddle Macca and ask if he’s gay. Macca's not a small guy but Storm makes him look quite weedy in comparison. Then she keeps getting up and simulating various sex actions – from the male point of view. Rather too well, if you ask me. Of course we encourage her to do it again. Junior is licking the lamp that hangs over the table because by this point we think it could be mistaken for a breast or something. I don’t quite know now. The guy and girl leave. One last cuddle for Macca who’s is getting quite animated. We obviously need more and we have a quick final drink in the tiny room they have out front – I think the staff are glad we’ve tucked ourselves away until Andrew walks out and starts break dancing on the main room floor. I can’t remember there being any music. Think it was a taxi on the way home but I can’t be sure. I know I got a chicken giro to make up for my non-steak. The Lady was happy to see me. She however, woke up at 6am and woke me up to chat about our nights. Why are you just talking nonsense she complains.

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