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Thur 24th Feb : In The Papers vs. RSS

Sometimes, Pat Kiernan's smile and wit just picks up your day. You wake up in the morning, look at the snow outside and switch on to NY1 for your weather forecast. And then you you watch what's happening in New York - this normally involves a strike by the firemen, something, going wrong on the subway and someone getting shot by the police.

But what made me smile this morning was how Pat walked us through the section (at 43 mins past the hour) called In The Papers. Basically, Pat (and his team) point us to the interesting articles in the papers (and therefore a view of what's happening beyond the five boroughs) and lets us know how little interest we should have in the Jackon case or about someone called Lindsey Lohan or something like that.

At moments like these, I wonder why I have an RSS Aggregator. All we need is the cheeky Canadian once a day for all the news we should feed on.

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