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Sat 12th Feb : Couched

So the weekend started with me walking up on the sofa wondering why I wasn't in bed. I was fully clothed so I didn't feel like I had been thrown out of bed (yet).

As I got up and staggered to the bedroom I felt the whole acid melting brain hangover kicking in. I lay there for a short while not being able to answer the questioning from the Lady about where I had been the night before (I think she asks me first thing and then asks me later just to cross examine me) .

And then I had to make a dash for the old bathroom.

Spent the morning queasy and the Lady wasn't very happy: It's the first Saturday we were to spend together in almost two months (she didn't mention mention the fact that she had been away in India for some of those, and at other times we had been at her parents. And it wasn't a time to remind her: I was unfit for day light.

As I couldn't get out of bed, she got me out of bed and sent me on a mission to the closed UPS dept to collect a pack of vacuum cleaner bags. Empty handed on the way back I had to lean against the wall again just north of Christoper on Greewich. Even a tramp sneered at me as I was being ill on the street. Maybe that's because I chose his home as a perfect place to be ill.

Anyway, so the Lady stormed out and I spent the day feeling sorry for myself and trying to work out what had happened the night before. I started the night with Andrew and Niall on Rivington, there was some dancing at one bit, Niall (who was in for the night from London) fell back off his chair and we ended up in a Lesbian Night at the aplty named Hole. Ah - it was the vodka shots. They serve them large here. The guy at the door at the Hole stopped us and said, 'you do know it's lesbian night don't you?' Of course, we nodded.

I don't think it was the girly bar Niall was hoping to end his night at.

When the Lady returned I got thrown out a second time. This time with a bag of stuff and my keys confiscated. It was the last straw.

I didn't know where to go esp as I had no cash in the bank. It did remind me of a time with a previous girlfirend when she almost chucked me for putting myself in such a hungover state. Oh did I say, the area around my eyes were almost black from bursting all the blood vessels from all the wretching and my eyes were all blood shot?

I went down well at the local vegan cafe reading a book called 'Join Me'

Somehow I was called back. She forgave me for upsetting her. I forgave myself for accidentally going over the top and pledged that I would say somethign to Andre about buying all those vodkas.

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