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Mon 21st Feb : You Lied

What did I ask you never to do?  she asked
That would be not to lie, I replied
How can we base our relationship on trust if you can lie to me? she demanded. Why did you do it?

I wondered why myself. Then I remembered why I lied. To avoid getting the Lady in a foul mood like the one she presently had.

We had returned home from a drink with friends. I had been home earlier and had something to eat before I went out. Now we had returned I found her inspecting the contents of the sink. She whipped round and looked at the table.

Why's there tubs of ketchup and mayo on the table? she asked
Oh, I was thinking about having it with my dinner, I replied
What? With your taco salad.
Yeah. It was a stupid idea - that's why I didn't use them.
So, Guy... why's there ketchup on your plate in the sink?

Damn. I suppose it would be better to own up.

OK. I had fish and chips...
What?! Why did you lie to me??
Well I thought you'd be angry with me. Poor diet and all that.
Do you think I'd be as angry as I am now, she told me. You told me that you had taco salad and when I asked you about it earlier you went into a long story about how you were growing bored of it.
I am bored of it.
But you didn't even eat it.
Point proven.
Her blood was boiling. Don't mess* with me, Guy.

And I didn't mess with her for a few hours until she promised me never to lie to her again.

I won't, I said truthfully.
And tell me, she asked. You haven't been sneaking out and eating fish and chips recently, have you?
Not at all my love, I lied.

* Actual word has been substitued for decency reasons

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you're so close to getting the boot...next time eat a fish taco salad. compromise is key!

Posted by: Nichelle | Feb 24, 2005 3:16:38 PM

A normal person's reaction to your 'lie' would have been to laugh at catching you out.

*Alarm bells*

Posted by: Bob | Feb 25, 2005 5:48:09 AM

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