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WYSIWYG: Oh Gawd....

This is the sort of thing that happens when you are nice to other bloggers...

What? I've got to go up on stage and give a reading?? Huh? When did I volunteer myself for that. Oh, i did, did I? Oh.

Advice from the people:

Here's better definition of the  January WYSIWYG.  What we are looking for is for you to write an story that goes with the theme of Misunderstandings and Missed Connections. Considering you're a Brit, dating a lovely Persian Lady...I 'm sure you have funny observations about misunderstandings. You get 10 minutes for your story.

10 minutes??? How do you pick just one??? Will the Lady kill me before I go on stage or after???

Oh Gawd!

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Don't worry...we have the blogger mafia to protect you!

Posted by: Nichelle | Jan 6, 2005 9:51:47 AM

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