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Tue 18th: Warsaw Town

Spent the day in sunny Warsaw: "Here is the old town and here is the new town that is older than the old town."

More bitterness towards the Germans than the Communists, I feel. The Germans must have ripped down the whole city and at least the communists had a go of putting it back together: they took all the plans they could find, paintings, photos and rebuilt the old town!

I think they're a little embarrassed that the Old Town isn't authentic but I think it looks pretty magnificent. And the town elsewhere may look a little soviet era but hey - that's cool - at least it gives you an edge, Warsaw! Hey  - and check those new skyscrapers.

I suppose my only fear about the place is that the Polish hunger to tidy up their city and look progressive is that they will knock down all the older buildings to make way for the new - and that could get rid of some of the quirky charm in some areas.

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