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Mon 3rd Jan : Father!

I have plenty of stories to write about over New Year but for the moment - just this one from today:

So I'm standing by my colleague and she turns around and says, "You know. You have a very particular way of standing." I erect myself immediately and puff out chest. "I was thinking why I am these friendly feelings towards you," she goes on to say. I hope she won't mention the Christmas party, I think.

"The thing is, Guy, you hold yourself just like my father. He's got a beard and wild hair and you stand just like him with your arms crossed."

My colleague's father lives in NewZea land and at first I feel some sort of glow. Ah, she must feel some comfort in my presence. then I start to think about it. Oh my goodness! I AM STARTING TO RESEMBLE YOUNG GIRLS' FATHERS!!

(Going to the gym gets back on my resolution list)

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