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Chilling - 3000 US, Swedish, French & British Probably Dead

Found at the bottom of a Washington Times article:

  • In Washington, State Department spokesman J. Adam Ereli said about 2,100 Americans remain unaccounted for. He said 17 others were confirmed dead and 20 presumed dead.
  • Sweden's government said that at least 637 missing Swedes were feared dead, along with 52 known dead.
  • French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier issued a similar warning for his country, saying "there is little hope" for 69 missing French citizens. Twenty-two others are known dead.
  • British Foreign Minister Mr. Straw said 49 Britons were known dead, but added that his government felt 391 others listed as missing were "very likely" dead.

That's 3000 foreigners just from those countries... Not exactly spoken about....  or in the headlines.

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