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Wed 8th Dec : Tail Tale Signs

Some days I seem to be always in trouble. I can’t put a foot forward, keep my shoes on in the apartment, forget to clean the sink, leave the bathroom lights on, let her fall asleep though a film, lose my keys, buy an overpriced pair of jeans/shirt/sneakers without the Lady going ballistic.

She spends more time telling me off than she does being in a huff with me. Now that’s serious.

She also got upset with me because I spoiled a ‘date’ with her tonight. We organized this date to try to overcome this upset she has with me. We/she decided that the latest Almodavar flick would be perfect. Perfect penance.

Just before I leave work I accidentally ask the partner from the LA office what he's doing tonight. I only asked as a courtesy as he just got off the plane and he says 'Let's have a beer!' What do you do? The Lady said she understood. Nice red wine in this tower looking over central park at the Mandarin Oriental… when I walked into the lobby you should have seen the doorman block me. He positioned himself in such a way that it wasn’t rude, but that I knew he was stopping my entry.

When I returned to the apartment I found myself locked out (see loss of keys problem above) and I can't reach the Lady so I had to camp out at the Brass Monkey. Ah. Nothing like a quiet pint on your own when you're in the dog house served by chatty Essex and Irish girls.

At about 1am she calls me - she went to the late showing of the film. I get back in and make tail-between-legs like posture as I ask how the film was. She slept through it! Guess whose fault that was?

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