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Thurs 2nd Dec : Blues Country

So I hit Chicago. Well I jumped in a taxi outside the W and was amazed how far everything is spread out. Chicago is a big city - neighbourhoods spread out like London. The taxi runs and runs and he finally drops me off on N Damen. I read about it somewhere. I walk north, cut back down Milwhaukee then up to West Division Street.

I decided to head for Smoke Daddy - to see some blues and eat some Chicago bar food - but I stopped in the wrong bar. I didn;t realise at first - I thought the Blues had been given the night off and that the kids were allowes a 'Battle Of The Bands' night. Grungy folk applauded each other. I drank a beer and then notcied the bar's name was the Phyllis Musical Inn. Well I was hungry so I headed down for some Blues.

I walk in, sit down and order a pulled chicken dish and there's a man dressed like a cowboy ten feet infront of me. Not quite like a cowboy - he's in a red outfit with tassles and checks. Like a 30s cowboy might have dressed. He's on stage with a group singing sad country. Sad country? Well that's one way to get the Chicago Blues.

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