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Sat 18th Dec : Disappointment

So I wake up. The red lines look like 9.30am and the phone is ringing again. My arm leads to me to look over the bed. It's not in it's holder. I let out air and collapse down. I wish pillows felt this comfortable when I tried to go to sleep.

The phone rings again. I stumble out into the living room/area/kitchen and find the  fkr. Back to bed, roll on, tap the button.

"You don't sound too happy to hear from me!"
"Hey babe."
"So how was the party?"
"Can speak about this later?"
"Why can't we speak now?"
"What time is it?"
"I thought you were working today. You should be up."
"I've been up for hours!"
"So how was the party?"

I can't recollect a thing. Except the worst things. The night stared in Von - there was a girl in a wife-beater who looked so good it was if we were looking at her at the end of the night. Bill USA upset Adie when he found out he was losing his job. A week before Christmas, Geez. We crashed a party over near University Place. The host was glad to see the guests at her party double.

Bill USA and I make a quick excuse to get beers and head down Broadway to Daz Crawley's office party. Now it's getting difficult to remember. Daz Crawley found the office space below his work is empty, had broken in and decided to hold a party. From somewhere he's managed to get all the booze supplied for free. A coupla Djs on their little macs, a mixed crowd, dim lights, line for the bog  - a good buzz - now this is more like it. Then, the Lady's friends arrived. Well, I was pleasant to Hassabi - no mention of her bottom. Where was I?

"So how was the party?" the Lady asks again.
"It was alright sweet heart."
"Ali says it was great. You all got fkd up."
"That's a bit strong."

Think Guy, Think.

"There was an open bar but I got home by 2"
"4? You're all the way in Philadelphia and you still know what time I got in!"
"Were you talking to Lianne."
"I said hello."
"And were you dancing with Lianne?"
"No, not at all."

That might have been to quick.

"Well go check your phone then."

Luckily it's in the corner where I threw it when the alarm woke me up. I look at it I check my last message to the Lady: HAVIN FUN. BEER. DANCING. LIANNE HERE. SAYS HI.

"And what 'bout Hew?"
"Who's he?"
"He was the film director you were talking too."
"Oh yeah. I thought his name was Tim."

It still is shady. I talked to a good few people - well, the wind was up - so I don't know what I was talking about with any of them. Not at 9.30am anyway.

"Babe, can we talk later?"
"You disappoint me, Guy."


Oh well one more person disappointed in the real Guy Brighton. I had let down Hew as well I reckoned. Somehow the fella had read all of this blog - when I met him, he couldn't believe it. "No, no, no," he said and checked me out. He was in shock. What did he expect a blonde with big tIts?

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certainly was a proper christmas office party.
fortunately i didn't sleep with my boss... mainly 'cuz i don't have one... but if i did it would of been proper mucky. mark my words.

Christmas cheers to you and the lovely lady.
see you on the other side.


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