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Sat 11th Dec : Smell The Sweat

Hassabi I tried to make it up with the Lady by taking her to some dance. Well... I thought tha some culture that she would never associate me with might put me in her good books. The response was so-so as she loved the idea but was a little horrified that we were in the front row: "How will we be able to take it all in?" she asked.

"Baby," I replied. "We're going to be so close we can smell the sweat!"

She was nonplussed.

We went and saw Dead Is Dead by Maria Hassabi and gang. Dressed by that curly haired chap I have seen around (with a funny moon shaped handbag), As Four (mainly in the Passer By), the troupe jumped up and down, screamed, sang, yelped, danced to disco. I think Bjork was sat at the back. The Lady was enjoying it and Hussabi and co seemed to be hell bent on wiggling their bottoms in my face.

At face value it was amazing - what it was about, I decided not to speculate. Teh Lady was happy and I even convinced her that Bjork couldn't have had a better view. Well, of Hassabi's bottom anyway.


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