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Fri 10th Dec : No Joy, eh?

To try to patch things up with the Lady I took her to a new pizza place just round the corner from ours (Gioia) on Friday night. She had been looking thru the window for a few weeks waiting for it to open. Just what we need in the area, she said.

It wasn;t very planned. I was on the way home wondering what I was goign to do to cheer the Lady up when I walked past and saw it heaving. So I call her from outside and agreed to meet her there.

As I waited unattended I realized it was the opening night. That would be a treat, I thought.

The Lady turns up and is greeted well by the very friendly manager who has ignored me until this point. There are no seats available and he sits us down at the bar by the kitchen with a bottle of red wine which was a little pricey for house.

She sits and is excited. Meanwhile the kitchen is in chaos: the senior chef is taking over the sous chef's dishes and the the sous chef is checking to see if there are any mushrooms left. What, no mushrooms at a pizza place on Friday night?

I tell the Lady she has nothing to worry about as three couples who have just walked in get seated. I point at the stone oven to distract the Lady. Oooh, fire.

Whn we get seated the manager’s Italian American mates turn up and mob the place, it takes 30 minutes to give an order. The pizzas come pretty quickly but I watch the sous chef cover my pizza with masses of rocket/arugala to hide the charring. Every mouthful I smile at the Lady and confess how great the pizza is whilst the black soot crumbles down my throat.

Her food comes tepid but she can;t ask anybody about it becuase the staff are snapping at each other. It's chaos.

I dread her reaction....

She loves it. She loves the anarchy, the craziness, the drama, the people. Maybe she'll open up Cafe Ayotolla after all! It seams so easy!

Maybe it's the red wine, I think thankfully.

She still hasn't forgiven me though, she reminds me as she skips home, her arm through mine.

The dread returns....

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you're not kidding about the burnt bottom on that pizza...guess i'll have to keep waiting in line at john's

Posted by: marie | Dec 21, 2004 4:27:20 PM

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