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Sat 6th Nov : Pass Her

Saturday. Wake up not too late as we have to tidy up. Traipse around the stores before welcoming the Lady's mother and grand mother for the avro. Interestingly I can understand everything this non-English speaking septuagenarian can say for 6 hours (I know what she's saying tho, on repeat: babies, marriage, engagement rings).

Escaped and went out to celebrate this girl's birthday the Lady knows. Everyone was hungover from night before - the Lady had kept them all out so as not to get home before me on Friday. Went to Von - nice bar, you remember? - good Stella quaffing and the wind was up - well, it was someone's birthday after all.

Chat to a dutch guy and we talk about the Americans. I talk about the directness, he starts saying how everyone in New York has an angle - some guys like to be called Daddy, some guys like to be called ...  I make my excuses.


The Lady suddenly goes crazy after 2 vodkas and is life and soul / have to make sure she doesn't get thrown out. We end up in German bar (Loreley) we have found and soon the rest of the group are starting to gurn whilst I enjoy some good Bavarian pilsner. The Lady is on water at this point - I decided not to let her know about what tricks were possibly available. She was still mental anyway.

Then we go to Passer By (flashing floor) - well, we try to go to Passer By. I am up the road with a guy by his car which is like it's made out of Lego - all parts that can be moved and removed etc, showered down, everything. The girls are 100 meters behind and break dancing in the street on a traffic island. That's my girl. Did someone say she flashed. Not my girl, surely.

At Passer By we turn up at 3.30 after some interesting driving and get a quick one in. The place is packed with the louche and the lewd: you know, full of the trendy crowd who all look a bit dirty by this time of night. Turns out Passer By doesn't have lock ins anymore but still everyone is dancing whilst the lights have been switched on. Where's my pint gone?

Got home fine and dandy. Need a week's worth of kip.

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