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Tues 26th Oct : Loreley

Tucked away in Congee Village for some Chinese then over to Daz Crawley's birthday. Loreley on Rivington. Beer garden. Bit cliquey crowd. Lady and I upset Mr. Mildrew - I reacted flippantly when he suggested we were the same age (37 - then I realised that it's nottoo far away) and the Lady danced on her new white shoes. Think he was more annoyed with the Lady.

I then upset Lady. It's 1am and I get hump when at the Lady wants another 15 minutes. Again. Couple of tossers at the bar laugh when I react poorly to her. Lady not happy that I made a scene infront of 2 unknowns. Again.

Quiet taxi ride home.

Life's not so Loreley.

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