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Thur 28 Oct : More Brits

We met Mike in the Old Town and the Lady recognised him immediately: shaggy hair and stubbly beard – couldn't tell us apart, she said. Mike had come to New York and invited us to Shots Magazine party at Amuse on 18th Street. He had flown into town because his commercial was being screened tonight.

Judging by the sound of the chatter during the screenings, the party was 15% full of interested parties and 85% full of hangers on. Nevertheless Mike's ad for XFM was loud and brash enough to stop 'em dead. Afterwards a Canadian director sidled up to us for a chat. Then came his mate. The Lady giggled again: two scruffy English lads with two Canadians who looked alike too: sort of Bauhaus 80s-arty hair -short back and sides with long front sweep.

Of course Mike couldn’t believe it when the party emptied out about 9.30 and there was still free booze. We dragged him down to lower east side to a great bar I have never been to where it was chocca with English. Daz Crawley was DJing for a Brit design agency called Webber which was opening a New York office. Webber was rather tipsy when I shook her hand. We all stood in the back yard, surrounded by English folk and a few continentals pretending it’s not freezing. Daz's 80s tunes and Pit Miner blasting away. Mike was happy: it was as if he was at home.

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