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Sat 16th Oct : Philly

I'm dragged again to Philadelphia. At first I don't want to go. I feel out of touch with New York. I've hardly been here for 2 months. I want to spend the weekend seeing what's going on.

When I get there I settle into the charm of it all: the Lady's family, their hospitality. We go for a 4 mile walk together and the more beautiful flashes of color in the trees, the more we are brought together: reds, bronze, rust, chalky green, lemon and back again. Charming countryside.

We agree it's a magical day together.

So for a natural end to the perfect day I go and take her to Shaun Of The Dead in the evening. It turns out that I wasn't very close in my description the other night but the Lady can identfy with it easily: it's a film about a British lad who has trouble keeping his girlfriend in a city where everyone is crazy and the only place he thinks he'll find safety is in his local pub. All to a tasteful soundtrack.

They end up together in the end. Altho' there's a monster living at the end of the garden and they don't mind having Sunday Lunch down the pub.

That's a thought... I wonder if the Lady's forgotten her list by now...

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