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Thur 7th Oct : Popcorn

Brass_monkey_bar_new_yorkI wake up on the sofa with a thin sheet over me and a cold draft blowing in from the open window. I think to myself that I should have had a spare bag of popcorn to eat before I got home. That way the lady wouldn't have kicked me out for (a) stinking of beer and/or (b) giving the feeble excuse that the film had an old fashioned interval and there was a bar there.

Guy Brighton's Nights OutEarlier in the week I had sent an email to gather the British lads for a night out. I suggested we go see Shaun Of The Dead. The days got juggled back and forth and we finally agreed to all meet up on Thursday. The Lady was pretty enthusiastic about the fact that I had discovered a social activity outside the pup.

By the time Thursday had got around of course the text messages passing back and forth were 'Are we still on for a couple of pints tonight?' Well... it had been a long week and all. Lots of hectic moments etcetera. In fact when we all met up at the local, Sean was the only person who asked if we were still going.

Of course, I had told the Lady that I was still going and thought a couple of pints wouldn't hurt. The problem with the Brass Monkey is (a) it's a good pub to meet some mates for a beer, (b) if you get a table, it's hard to get up from it, (c) the Anglo-Irish barmaids are very good at persuading groups of English males to stay for one more, (d) the management like sending us shots of Jaegermeister, (e) the Anglo-Irish barmaids like sending us shots of something-sweet-but-bitter-maybe-a-schnapps-I-dunno, (f) there are no decent nearby boozers to go to esp. at that time of night so there's very little reason to go anywhere else and (g) it's a pub that serves beer.

With all these constraints we had to spend the first 120 minutes guessing what the story of the film would be about to prepare me (and Sean) for the expected questioning when I (/we) got home. The barmaids weren't too helpful. Bill USA did ask the table of teachers beside us for suggestions but all he managed to do was get the number of a girl whose first line was, "How about I take two of you guys home right now." Of course we didn't know whether she was joking or not. Andrew blushed. Bill USA told her that she'd have to try harder than that. After consideration, I decided it was an unlikely twist in the film script.

Bill also managed to get the numbers of the barmaid at the Brass Monkey and Praast or whatever it's called. If he's that keen, I told him, maybe he should take a note out of this guy's book/catalog.

Of course it was only watching my phone glow 'The Lady' when we were in the Old Town at 1 in the morning (a bar that the Brass Monkey is likely to resemble in 112 years time) that I remembered what I was supposedly doing this night.

Just to let you know what I told her when I get home: The film Shaun Of The Dead is about a wake in a small Irish bar on the outskirts of Donegal where a group of American Teachers are staying in the rooms above the pub. The hangovers caused by the frequent availability of Zombie cocktails provided by the barman has earned him the nickname Shaun Of The Dead. Madness ensues including a manage e trois.

I'd believe it if The Lady told me that even if her lips were stained with red red wine. Why not her believe my malt flavored recital?

Mental note: Remember popcorn next time. If she lets me have a next time...

btw: this is how imdb describes Shaun Of The Dead: A man decides to turn his moribund life around by winning back his ex-girlfriend, reconciling his relationship with his mother and dealing with an entire community that has returned from the dead to eat the living

Hey! They stole my life!

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