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H1B Visa Situation

Some people use this site for the job tips, recruiter email addresses and so forth.

The news for all would be Guy Brightons is that the 65,000 H1B foreign worker visas for 2004/2005 have now run out. No new H1Bs will be available until October 1, 2005 - although you should apply for them from 1st October

Murphy.com says:

AILA is working diligently to encourage the USCIS make the number of H1Bs that have been or will be revoked during this fiscal year available to H1B employers and prospective H1B beneficiaries. A confirmation as to the availability of such additional H1Bs is expected sometime later this month or by November 2004.

Additionally, AILA is working towards H1B cap relief by pushing Congress to increase the number of H1Bs. At minimum, AILA is requesting that individuals who have earned at least a Master's degree, MD, or Ph.D. be exempt from the H1B numerical limitation.



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