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Thurs 21st Oct : German Invasion

Amazing how you really only get slaughtered when people come to town. Out with a couple of folk I last worked with in the dot-com boom: A German and a New York girl. They worked in the NYC office, I worked in London, we managed to meet at least every week. Ahh, the memories.

As for the German, isn't it amazing how people who’ve been on a low carb diet like to rub it in: “Guy, you’ve changed’ pointing at my facial hair and making some sign with his hands which I can only imagine means 'rotund' in Deutsch. He didn’t seem to believe me when I told them that I knew I had changed: I had become far better looking over the last half decade. He had a friend in tow who luckily I hadn't met 5 years ago - so no comments from his corner. He was good at the bar though. Well done, fella.

As for the New Yorker, when she wasn't pestering me for trying to get her a date by talking about her on my blog she was interrogating the Germans about the Nazi atrocities. Her being Jewish and all.

Night started swiftly with the Belgian beer in Von. Then we went to an awesome sushi shack (Tomoe Sushi) where more Germans invade us after we wait 20 mins outside. Sake by the barrel. What a drink. Think food was ok too. Can't remember much except for this delicacy which looked like fried shrimp/prawn heads to me. I could have got that in Salt & Battery.

Anyway, over to a failed corp party with free booze and big motorbikes. You can tell how poorly attended the part must have been when we turn up at 11pm and dance in the basement the DJ said we were the first people he’d seen in all night. We jumped in 2 taxis up to the next bar.


Ended up in some hell hole of a posh bar called Friedericks near the park. Next to that famous hotel there. You know. I haven’t been that far north since… since last year. Almost had the bendz coming up so far. The do there was for something called the Open Club – a social networking site for the supposed elite I think. Place full of moneyed 40 year old guys all suited up paying for overpriced drinks for women 15 years younger than them whilst their wife and kids were up worrying about them at home. Anyway we got thrown out because the New Yorker constantly got her cigarettes confiscated when she lit them at the bar. I swore to the Lady that I will never be like those guys in there. She believed the bit about never having money.

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very good - anyone who has been on a low carb diet just say ...you look ill, have you lost weight...turn to the person next to you...has he lost weight...you don't look well...you've lost too much weight (and so on)

feel another beer thirst coming on -

Posted by: Davo | Oct 22, 2004 2:35:24 PM

Hmmm..this new yorker sounds like alot of fun...not sure about the lighting cigs at the bar which is a bit cheeky but other than that she sounds simply marvelous...

Posted by: NYawker not New Yorker | Oct 22, 2004 4:21:31 PM

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