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Fri 8th Oct : Who Would Be Crazy Enough To Read This Blog?

Email just in from The Lady:

Guy. This blog thing is getting out of control. Here's the IM I just had with Kat!!!

Kats*IM*: definitely
Kats*IM*: so Guy got a job
Kats*IM*: you must be soo HAPPY
TheLadys*IM*: did you get the email?
Kats*IM*: i just read his blog and it is soo crazy how it is all about you
TheLadys*IM*: oh no
Kats*IM*: and about everything u do
Kats*IM*: together
TheLadys*IM*: its exaggerated though
TheLadys*IM*: i come across as a right crazy bitch
Kats*IM*: and he is crazy aobut you
Kats*IM*: drank cause you were with the ex
Kats*IM*: i mean crazy
TheLadys*IM*: puh-lease
Kats*IM*: so how happy are you that he has a job?
TheLadys*IM*: YES! i'm just proud of him.. he really worked his butt off for it
Kats*IM*: you guys are onto a new stage in your relationship
Kats*IM*: i am seeing a ring soon
TheLadys*IM*: hopefully
TheLadys*IM*: not hopefully about the ring just new stage
Kats*IM*: i cant believe he has been here for 2 and 1/2 years
TheLadys*IM*: it wasn't easy getting to this ponit
Kats*IM*: it is going to be very different now
TheLadys*IM*: no he hasn't
Kats*IM*: you can go to dinners etc
TheLadys*IM*: just 1 and a bit
Kats*IM*: that is what the log says
Kats*IM*: oh ok
TheLadys*IM*: it shouldn't
Kats*IM*: he exaggerates for effect
TheLadys*IM*: obviously -- i'm not that crazy
Kats*IM*: i just think the whole blog is soo funny
Kats*IM*: about everything
Kats*IM*: now i know where you went to dinner for his bday
Kats*IM*: and all about the persian parade
Kats*IM*: i didnt know you woke up at 6:30 am
Kats*IM*: to decorate float
TheLadys*IM*: yep!
Kats*IM*: this is like my new access to the crib notes of your life
TheLadys*IM*: that's crazy -- you're going back so far
TheLadys*IM*: stop it
Kats*IM*: we dont even have to talk i can just read the blog
Kats*IM*: ;-)
TheLadys*IM*: its funny --- we were in london and bumped into this couple we had met in new york or are now in hong kong and they knew all this stuff about going ons because they read his blog
Kats*IM*: your life is like an open book..like the truman show

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Haha...Tell me about it...sometimes it is best that the better half just doesn't know about your blogging antics. I've had an 'editing' a couple of times. As I say, my blog, my words..I dread the day she gets a blog :( oh dear.


Posted by: macca | Oct 8, 2004 4:46:59 PM

Wow this kat girl sounds like a really insightful chick/bird... any guy not just "guy lombardo" would be really lucky to get a chance to hang out with her..

Posted by: Cat not "Kat" | Oct 11, 2004 5:29:04 PM

I totally agree

Posted by: Guy Brighton | Oct 11, 2004 5:32:13 PM

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