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Wed 13th Oct : Continental Airlines Meals

I got back a little later than expected. The trip turned out to be fine. I saw some clients. I ate some great food. I bought some Washington wine. A good adventure.

What a pity that after all that good food and wine the trip had to end on a Continental flight. OK - I am getting used to the idea of paying for a glass of red wine (they don't go for the 'It's doctor's orders, you know?' anymore) but to get served this crap as the dinner on a $780 flight....

Dinner On A Continental Airline Flight

A microwaved bun with chicken cardboard sliver, salad in a pot, crap crisps. And don't expect breakfast is any better. This must have cost them about 75c in total. What's with these people who think cutting on the simple things will save their airlines? $5 for a pair of headphones too. Hmmm.. that's the way to encourage business chaps.

Anyone got any feelings about JetBlue flight to Seattle? Maybe next time....

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