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A quick update from EasyEverything on Tott Court Road.

The Lady has joined me. Somehow I convinced her that a week in London would be a decent vacation. She turned up without a jacket and realised it wasn't going to be the beach holiday she should have gone on instead. London isslowly enchanting her again.

Things I realised I missed:

The London Skyline and London Architecture New and Old.
You have to appreciate the gift we have been given. Start at Liverpool Street, walk down to the Gherkin, gawp, catch a bus to St Paul's Cathedral past the London Stock Exchange, wow, walk over the amazing footbridge to the Tate Modern, take in the view, check the art, walk up South Bank, chill, walk over the west footbridge at Waterloo and check the wheel, Westminster and all the buildings along the river. Get down into Embankment and sit in the park. Or jump on the tube and get to the pub.

The Melting Pot That Is London
The Lady can't believe how when we sat on the bus to Paddington not one word of English was spoken: a cacophony of Italian, Sudanese, Romanian, Farsi, Japanese - oh, and Welsh.

In pubs, curry houses, cafes, parks, pubs.

Gasto Pubs
Proper ones. Not the Spotted Pig version.

Things I hate

Rip Off Britian
Yes. I know it's a cliche but:
(a) The exchange rate for my dollars is $1.84 to every £1
(b) What I can buy for $1 in New York, I have to buy for £1 in London: Bottle of Water=£1/$1, My Trainers/Sneakers=£60/$60, Curry TakeAway For 2=£30/$30. Tube/Subway=£2/$2.

That means that people in Britain, or London anyway, pay 84% more than they should do!!

(And Ken's going to put the subway prices up!! What a joke!)

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you do NOT know what a relief it is that you've finally updated. i've become like a child counting days until the next issue release of a comic book series; at least the kid knows when the next issue's coming. you've driven to the near edge of a breakdown! :)

Posted by: | Sep 22, 2004 5:41:17 AM

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