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So I was looking over at Minnie Driver; re-evaluating her in a very positive light. She was a couple of meters away, tanned, waiting for the last of a vast pile of baggage from the Virgin flight she had just got off at Heathrow. I wondered if she’d ever check me out in the same way as I was checking her out.

I thought this wasn’t probable.

It wasn’t probable because I was standing in front of the Air India baggage desk waiting for the guy to finish putting my details into the system. There was Minnie with her 12 assorted items of baggage ready to jump into a car to whisk her to her Notting Hill flat by breakfast time. Here was Guy with his passport and egotistical book ready to jump on the Tube then train to somehow get to the south coast by dinner time with his baggage somehow already on its way to Bombay.

Never again, I say.

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