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Guy Brighton's Nights OutAs I apologize after waking up somehow head to toe I decide it would be a bad idea to tell the Lady that I had planned a lads night out that evening.

Spent the day doing tail between my legs and running errands. Only work I did was meet with this guy Sean about a video project we're doing next week.

Of course the British boys are calling me in the afternoon suggesting a beer - maybe in the locale. I tell the Lady that we have to meet them for one as I have to say thanks for lending the video camera to Sean. The Lady is suspicious but goes along with it - as long as she comes too. Why not. We pop in to my favorite boozer (my suggestion and 3 small blocks from home) and three pints later the Lady is saying 'don't you guys eat when you go out?' Of course the guys all laugh and order another round.

Her and I end up with the others in that flashing dance floor about 11.30 tottering around with a little wind up us. All is going fine and then this girl approaches me and Al and says, 'Remember me? I was dancing with you at that party at the Marquee.' She's cute but I have the Lady beside me and even tho I pretend to have no idea who she is.

I get sobered up very quickly.

Got a bit of ear ache for that on the way home but I shrugged. Unfortunately the Lady has a far better idea of what we get up to on a lads night out, now. Far better than I do, obviously.

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