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The Lady's mother and father took me out to dinner at Ralph's in Philadelphia's little Italy to celebrate my birthday on the 31st. After the Lady went through each item on the waiter asked the if each and every item was really good - the food came: mussels, veal, penne - all in sauces to die for.

It was getting on and we were the last people upstairs. I noticed that her mother was trying to organize a candle and cake for me. She shouldn't have. I wish she didn't have. The waited looked at me, then the chocolate cake and then called fro Loui, Franki, Georgie, Erik. Crikey - these grown men were going to have to sing me happy birthday. I felt a little embarrassed. Then the waiter called them again, 'come on guys'. I felt a little embarrassed. 'Loui, Franki, Georgie, Rueben' They popped their heads up and saw the Lady. They mustered themselves and came over and they started singing to her 'Happy Birthday'.

When the Lady nodded that it was in fact my birthday, they gave a good impression of remaining interest as their voices faltered. When Rueben sloped off I had to join in a little to keep the momentum going and we got through in the end.

The Lady's mother loved it.

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