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Guy Brighton's Nights OutI was at that Arlene's Grocery bar on Stanton Street when the Lady called.

I had been kicked out that evening as the Lady had 'Dinner Club' with three girl friends - no guys allowed.

Larry and I had just calmed down the young Irish (pilled-up?) twat of a barman who took exception when Larry asked when the Punk Karaoke bar. A cover band of the Ramanes sang with mop-top wigs. One half of my brain concentrated on asking the Lady to tell me again what the matter was and the other reasoned whether I should tip a barman in New York who was obviously rude to me. I watched the two singles as the Lady explained to me that the woman downstairs had banged on the ceilign twice: once when her heel-tottering friends entered (8am) and once when they were leaving. She was upset and hated feelign this way in her own home. I was upset as the barman now sprayed the counter with liquid as he filled a glass with soda; the singles now stuck to the bar. Oh well, he can have them now. I looked at the third can of Blue Ribbon on the counter (I had asked for two but the bar man had given and sold me three - even after gesticulation) and considered whether I should stay and drink it or rush home.

I drank it fast but the actions of the barman had got me stoked. In the cab home I stewed: I wanted to defend the Lady's honor. I wanted to bang on the neighbour's door and tell her to stuff it.

When I got in though the apartment block doorway I decided to dance up the communcal stairs and sing, 'Banging on the ceiling' Lionel Richie style rather loudly. That will get her I thought in my blurred state.

I turned to face the final flight. The Lady looked down at me with fierce eyes. Shit. Mouth shut. Silent final steps.

Inside. What the hell are you doing? She said as she looked for something to whack me with. You can't baby. It'll make too much noise!

When the Ramanes toured with the Beatles they had a replacement drummer. At the gig, the cover band actually swapped drummer for the one song that represented this tour. That's dedication. Sometimes I think the Lady wishes I could be swapped - just for a while, at times like this.

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