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fabric liveIt pays to read Flavorpill emails to the end. Great links to Fabric Live. Makes you want to pull down the blinds in your office, switch off the lights, put a UV tube somewhere in the far corner, break out some warm beers, blast these tunes out and bump into people as you dance.

"Continuing in their fine tradition, London's Fabric — club, record label, and font of quality electronica — provides us with three exclusive new streams. Nitin Sawhney and Adam Freeland, subjects of FABRICLIVE.15 and 16 respectively, chime in: Sawhney's minimalist compositions step to inferred beats and implied verve; breaksketeer Freeland's mix debuts in August. Fabric devotees know Craig Richards as his alter-ego Tyrant. If Fabric 15 knocked your socks off too, here's a second date. (NP)"

Broken Beat: XFM Mix (Nitin Sawhney)

House: XFM Mix (Adam Freeland)

Tech House: BBC Radio 1 Blueroom (Craig Richards)

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