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With the sister in town we discovered a decent, new bar. A little upmarket but snobby in all the right ways: 5 9th Avenue. Food looks amazing.

Luickily we ate dinner at Biltmore Room. Think it used to be the lobby of a hotel. Food, tho' pricey, was amazing (we all had Red Snapper). Well worth waiting the 40 minutes after the reservation time.

Sister gets a tap on the shoulder during the meal from someone at the table behind us. It's a thin British guy with his rather chubby wife. Turns out that he knew my sister at University. We all exchange smiles but I notice the wife isn't happy and is a bit surly. Later the sister admits that the guy had been stalking her at college and had been given a warning. He had got so crazy that after Uni his wife forbade him from seeing anyone from Uni again in case he got crazy notions about my sister. Oh well - 20 years later: surely he can't harbor any of those feelings again.... well, by the wife's reaction....

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