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After granting the Lady a couple of hours of my time walking around over priced, poorly decorated, very small apartment spaces where my only entertainment was suggesting rather loudly that we had a strong drink as we passed West Village's AA shack; we had lunch in Le Jardin.

The restaurant is a very special place for me and the Lady. It's where we had our first date in the city four years ago. Memories of conversation in a chilled atmosphere during a long long night. So much so that I imagin the staff had decided to make our Sunday lunch/brunch a bit different: slow service, chaotic ordering and the kitchen closed at 3.30pm so our late arrival (her brother) couldn't eat.

We took a quick escape to Brooklyn (actually it wasn't that quick. It took about an hour to get to Atlantic Avenue!!) to attend drinks to celebrate Phil USA and Andrew and Becca's birthdays. An afternoon of English Sunday pub drinking was held at Casper Jones off 5th Ave on Bergen Street. Ahh, the memories... if I could remember them.

I can still remember the 'dirty bird' I had on the way home though...

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