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Brits show the way on Culture Rage!

Trend Central reports a new Brit rage:

Trendsetting Brits are tiring of popular culture.

The Brits are notorious for various types of rage, from “road rage” to “air rage” to the more obscure “wrap rage” (anger about not being able to open products due to too much wrapping). Now, trendsetting Brits are taking a stand against mass-produced popular culture, calling it “culture rage”. Tired of over-produced singers entering the music charts and reality TV stars taking the spotlight, young passionate Brits are fighting back. The relaunch of UK magazine Sleazenation (now called Sleaze) made its return with the front cover showing a burning photo of Victoria Beckham (wife of football icon David Beckham, former Spice Girl, and current pop culture sensation) and words that read “Celebrity Burnout, reclaiming culture from the people who are destroying it”. In his latest single “Freaking Out,” Graham Coxon (former lead singer of Blur) uses lyrics that imply UK society is becoming prefabricated and boring: “TV got me going blind/And I'm really freaking out. .Nothing to see nothing to hear.”

“Culture rage” is further being seen in nightlife with London trendsetters turning their backs on super clubs and choosing something a little more cultural and even educational. The “in” place of the moment is The Modern Times Club (held at the Great Eastern Club), where top tunes from the ’30s to ’50s are on the playlist and the promoters offer a night of “sparkling conversation and the finest attire”.

While we certainly don't expect celebrity fascination to go away anytime soon, with the US not far behind in terms of our obsession with reality TV and overnight sensations, we could soon find trendsetters being more vocal about their demands for authenticity and originality from celebrities.

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