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Out with Andrew and Phil USA Wednesday night. Not much going on. Mooching about in West Village from Other Room to Spotted Pig to Art Bar. Very quiet - even had some pasta somewhere like a good boy.

We hit the Bottega Bar at the Maritime and it was more of the same. It was just a little dull.

We thought we'd just go and have a last one at this do at an XLR8R magazine party at the Lodge on 10th Avenue we had heard about.... man! The place was crammed.

Guy, Andrew and Phil wave in a new party!!!

To the left, the right, below, all over. We hussled ourselves some space in the upstairs room and became amazed at the sheer quantities (and qualities) of all the women standing around us..... was it our magnetic sex appeal, funny accents or maybe because we found ourselves standing next to the tables of some movie stars who were celebrating the launch of this film called United States of Leland.


Free booze... oh dear. Time just past as quickly as the beer down my throat. A bit of prancing around, having fun then some guy with a bodyguard starts walking around like he owns the place. (And of course, I've come to the US to get away with that sort of behavio(u)r). I ask a few people bluntly who he is but they are too interested in him. He walks up to us and asks - hey guys, how are you enjoying the party? I was a little merry.... "Who the f*ck are you?" I said sort of quietly and then pointed my finger in a vague direction."F*ck off".

Turns out it's this guy is called Chris Klien - I think he starred in American Pyre....

I don't think he was used to people talking to him like that. He just seemed to vanish...

Guy, Andrew and Phil wave in a new party!!!

When I got home at 1.30am the Lady punched me four or five times, asked me why my cell phone had been turned off and then I got the silent treatment until the next day I received a 2000 word email describing what an arsehole I am.

I do feel a bit guilty. I should have called in. But after having such a good time it's hard to feel too bad.... well sort of.

(sorry Lady)

And anyway. Andrew got in at 4pm after being thrown out after having a 'disagreement' with the DJ!!! So it's all relative...

Andrew through the looking glasses!!!

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