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So I get chucked out last night, temporarily, as the Lady had her 'dinner club' with a few of her friends. After reading the freebies over a pint or two of Guinness in Old Town bar; I end up having a drink with a guy I know over here called J.R. Bobby Dobbs in Upper West Side at a dive on the corner of 110 and Amsterdam....

We sit at the bar and the chap shows a healthy interest in the girls, especially the bar-maid. Me, I'm watching my pint of Sam Adams going down nicely.

Bobby calls over the barmaid and I can't hear what he's saying but she gives him this gorgeous radiating smile and says, 'that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in ages'. I sit there; avoid thinking that I've never made a woman smile at me like that; and ask him what he said.

He tells me that he told her that he went to school with Earl C and that if he had known that someone like her was today wearing an old school T Shirt featuring his name and dancing and moving herself around like that he would have been very pleased.'

'Nice thing to say,' I respond.

He says,' Yeah - but the jokes on her'

I say, 'who's Earl C?'

He says, 'Ask Urban Outfitters or whoever made her tee-shirt - cos' I don't know!'

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