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TUE 17th FEB: Return to eBay

Caught the tube from the hotel I stayed at Crystal City to DC's Union Station with various government men: lots of rain coats, army fatigues, uniforms. They look at long haired bloke in shiny parker with unease - maybe they knew about what I did on Saturday???

Got back into NYC to go to a meeting for a dating dotcom and they tell us they have no money - but they'll pay us when they IPO. Hmmm, heard that one a few years before. Told the boss to forget about them - he said why - I said if the guy can;t even be hospitable enough to offer us a cup of tea then he's not going to get off his arse to pay us properly. This is my new theory - I have put a column in the new business sales sheet called 'Tea Offered?' - will report progress.

Oh yeah - I get back from work and the Lady says - can I have a look at something she likes on eBay. I click the link to look at some more junk and then notice something. I click another link and find that she's 'watching' 16 items, has bids in for 16 items, has lost 8 items but won 8 other items!! That's 48 different things she's trying to buy in 2 days!! Fck I should have let her buy at the warehouse sale now!!!! She admits she's a junky already. I wonder what the hell she's going to buy whilst I am away for 2 weeks.

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