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Put the Lady to shame: wake up, pull out hand made card, show apartment full of tulips and gladioli, make breakfast (the Lady finally digs out a card about 5.30). The possible reason for the delay was that she dug out a four month old spliff from a dinner party and decides that it would be fun to smoke on a day like this. There follows the Lady and I lying silent for 5 hours on the bed with our heads full of gobbledygook/amazing ideas, man.

When we come to she drags my dazed head and sloth body to Brooks Brothers Warehouse Sale in Chelsea where I have to spend an hour not trying to look at the women changing before me.

In turn I dragged her into the Maritime Hotel for another pint of that Moretti on draught (much recommended). Find out about Hiro bar(sp?) under neath La Bottega.

Duck worked out fine but I can't get the red sauce to gel. A couple of cheeky beers in a bar later with a few others. Head finally cleared when I got into bed. Stayed awake thinking all night.


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